A new project also with Hrvatske ceste

Dalekovod signed an Agreement worth HRK 36,433,167.99 kn
We are free to inform you that upon implementation of the Open Public Procurement Procedure, Dalekovod d.d., as Contractor, and Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. Zagreb, as Employer, have concluded an Agreement of the total value amounting to HRK 36,433,167.99 (VAT inclusive) for performance of works including electric power supply, performance of road and tunnel lighting and provision of equipment and ventilation for the Burlica tunnel, that consists of two tunnel tubes 730 m long (L=730m) through which one-way traffic shall pass. The works are anticipated to start at the beginning of February and shall be completed within a six-months period.

Conclusion of this Agreement followed the signing of two Agreements by the above Contracting Parties in June and October 2011 on performance of works, including telecommunications, tunnel fire alarm (fire protection) system and remote management and control system, of the total value amounting to HRK 11,019,054.65 (VAT inclusive), as well as on performance of works related to provision of traffic equipment and signalization of the total value amounting to HRK 28,823,148.28 (VAT inclusive).

The above works relate to provision of equipment for the national road D8 on the Sveti Kuzam-Križišće section that is very important from the strategic point of view as a portion of the Adriatic-Ionian road route. The construction of the above shall significantly contribute to reduction of traffic jams in that area and on the route leading to the Island of Krk as well. By signing the above Agreement realization of all contracted works related to provision of equipment for the above national road of the total value being HRK 76,275,370.92 (VAT inclusive) shall begin.
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