Creditors support the Financial Restructuring Plan

At today’s hearing a majority decision has been made by Dalekovod d.d. creditors to accept the Financial Restructuring Plan.
The Financial Restructuring Plan sets preconditions that ensure long-term uninterrupted business operations for Dalekovod d.d.

“After months of negotiations with our creditors the Financial Restructuring Plan has finally been adopted. That proves that Dalekovod d.d. is recognized as an important economic operator, a major exporter of products and services and a good representative for Croatia in foreign countries. I believe that we have come up with an achievable plan and that this is the beginning of a new and successful Dalekovod. Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone, especially our creditors (banks, suppliers) and employees, for putting their trust in us and being understanding in recent months that were an extremely challenging time for us”, said Matjaž Gorjup, president of the Management Board of Dalekovod d.d.

The acceptance of the Financial Restructuring Plan establishes conditions for settlement within the time frame prescribed by law.

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