Dalekovod d.d. has issued comercial bills to the amount of 115.4 million kunas

Dalekovod d.d. has issued today two tranches of commercial bills to the total amount of 115,4 million kunas for the period of 364 days. The nominal amount of the eleventh tranche amounts to 14.087.000 euros (Ticker: DLKV-M-113E), while the twelfth tranche amounts to 13.119.000 kunas (Ticker: DLKV-M-113A).
New tranches of commercial bills of Dalekovod d.d. have generated an exceptionally good demand of investors.
Fifty-two investors took part in the issue of bills with the following structure: compulsory and voluntary pension funds with 46.8 %, investment funds with 35.2%, banks 15.1%, insurance companies 0.3% and others 2.6%. Tranches shall be listed in the Official market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange after approval of the above mentioned. The Issue Agent and Program Dealer shall be Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

Commercial bills of Dalekovod represent a direct, unconditional and uninsured commitment. Net income from issuance of commercial bills shall be used for refinancing short-term commitments, in other words tranches of commercial bills in circulation that shall become due during April and June of 2010.
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