Dalekovod selected for the job of delivering suspension equipment in Estonia

On the international competition for construction of the 330 kV Balti - Pussi transmission line in Estonia, ordered by the Estonian Main Grid, the job was assigned on a turn-key principle to the Empower Company. Once the bids for delivering suspension equipment were submitted, they assigned the job in question to Dalekovod d.d...
The line is to be 216 km long, with a voltage level of 330 kV and three bundle conductors.

It should be pointed out that the job is quite demanding due to extreme climatic conditions (low temperatures, lots of snow and ice), and therefore it was necessary to develop a specific design, materials and equipment that can flawlessly function in such weather conditions.

The entire suspension equipment to be installed is estimated at 300,000 EUR, and the deadline for delivery is April 2010 (first lot) and May 2010 (second lot).
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