Dalekovod TIM - Tvornica istegnutih metala d.d. (Expanded Metals Factory)

Dalekovod TIM d.d., Tvornica istegnutih metala (Expanded Metal Factory) in Topusko isdoing business since 1961. Dalekovod TIM d.d. is currently an autonomous factory within the DALEKOVOD Group numbering round 50 employees. The complete production programme has been renewed and production for the foreign markets was initiated. Thefactory is specialized in the “Roads programme”, i.e. the production of guard rails andprotective fences as well as gantries. The factory’s basic product is expanded metal, i.e.mesh made of expanded metal such as steel, aluminium, copper and similar.

Meshes made from expanded metal are used for multipurpose fencing (for fencinggardens, yards, residential facilities, balconies and similar) as well as for industrial barriers. The production programme also includes supporting columns of various dimensions which are essential for any larger construction project, lattice treads in requested dimensions and shapes are produced for industrial plants.

For fencing highways following products are manufactured: guard rails for motorways(one-sided and double-sided distance barriers for roads and for structures such as bridges, overpasses and similar), pedestrian and protective fences on structures and prefabricated mobile barriers for temporary fencing.

The assortment also includes steel pylons for wire barriers and columns for vineyards. The presses can manufacture various cross-sections (U, C, L) in various dimensions.
Within the total manufacturing framework of the DALEKOVOD Group (approx. 30.000 tonsannually) Dalekovod TIM d.d. contributes with approx. 7.500 tons of various steel products.

Dalekovod TIM d.o.o. has the certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 1090.
ISO 14001 ISO 9001 OHSAS 18000 Croatian Quality Croatian Accreditaion Agency