Dalekovod TKS

Dalekovod TKS Doboj has been a member of the DALEKOVOD Group since 2004 and its major shareholder has been DALEKOVOD Zagreb.

The factory was founded in 1972 as a factory specialized in production of transmission line structures and other structures as well. Surface protection of the above structures has been achieved by implementing a hot-dip galvanization procedure.By manufacturing transmission line towers and masts for many countries worldwide, the company has earned reputation and confidence of its business partners.

Since 1982, the factory has been engaged in production of vertical transport devices (cableways and ski lifts) that along with the transmission line towers and masts and lighting poles represent the most significant items in the production program.

Today Dalekovod TKS a.d. Doboj is a factory specialized in manufacturing of towers and poles and structures for electric-power industry and telecommunications and equipment for motorways and railways. Products are protected by applying a hot-dip galvanizing procedure at Dugo Selo, Republic of Croatia.

Dalekovod TKS a.d. Doboj participates with around 7,000 tons of various steel products in total production of the DALEKOVOD Group (about 30,000 tons annually). Steel lattice structures for different purposes and polygonal transmission and antenna poles are major products in the entire production program.

Dalekovod TKS a.d. has been certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited for ISO 9001.

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