DALEKOVOD to construct a wind power plant

Yesterday Dalekovod d.d. signed a contract on project financing for the project of construction of the Velika Popina wind power plant with a loan of Societe Generale - Splitska banka, amounting to a total of 16,241,839.00 EUR...
Dalekovod d.d. will participate in the project as investor and contractor for electrical works. The value of electrical works in this project amounts to 1,050,000.00 EUR. The wind power plant will be located near Gračac and it will consist out of 4 wind turbines with a nominal power of 2.3 MW. Turbines that will be installed are manufactured by Siemens. The total installed power of the wind farm will amount to 9.2 MW, and it is expected to produce an average of 26.000.000 kWh a year. Construction works are planned to be completed by the end of this year. This is the first in the series of many projects dealing with renewable-energy sources currently in development at Dalekovod d.d.

In 2010 Dalekovod d.d. plans to secure funds for at least two other wind farm projects.

Renewable-energy sources, and therefore wind power plants as well, represent a special interest of the Republic of Croatia regulated by law, and it is one of the major requirements for accession to the European Union which pays particular attention to renewable-energy sources.

Croatian power market is entirely liberalised, but at the same time it greatly depends on import. New potentials lying in wind power plants are a possible energy source that could help us decrease the import of power for Croatian consumers, incite our local entrepreneurs and diversify the portfolio of activates of enterprises operating in power sector.

So far, four wind farms have been constructed in Croatia with participation of foreign investors. The project of our wind farm is up to now the first project of a local investor, financed by a local bank and carried out by local companies.

In order to construct a wind power plant that would reliably produce power and realise economic expectations of investors, many conditions must be met, but first and foremost the following: finding an unoccupied location with an adequate wind speed, choosing appropriate equipment, connecting it to power grid, concluding a long-term agreement for selling power, and obtaining favourable terms of financing the construction.

With regard to our experience and abilities, Dalekovod d.d. is able to offer the implementation of projects concerning renewable-energy sources - wind power plants - on a turn-key principle (from the initial selection of location, installation of equipment for measurement of wind potential, optimisation of wind generators arrangement, selection of entire wind farm equipment, development of feasibility study, project development, obtaining construction permit, contracting for equipment and works, preparing grounds for project financing, to construction and wind farm management).
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