Dalekovod was selected to construct the Supernova shopping mall in the Zagreb neighbourhood Buzin estimated at 80.7 million EUR

Dalekovod is going to construct a large "Supernova" shopping mall in Buzin, spreading over a total surface area of 262,000 square metres. The works will begin in early March 2010, and they are planned to be completed within 20 months. The contract that was signed today is estimated at 73.3 million EUR, and it is particularly significant that the whole job will be carried out by local subcontractors, i.e. local construction agents...

It is important to point out that the project involves a private investor, namely the m2 Gruppe-Supernova concern from Austria, dealing in development and construction of shopping malls in this region. Supernova will realise their operation in Croatia through several affiliates, and the project in Zagreb will be carried out through the „Afirmacija nekretnine“ d.o.o. Company.

Dalekovod was selected for the job in the competition of several domestic and foreign competitors thanks to our know-how, experience and reputation, the most favourable bid and the guarantee to observe agreed deadlines, but also because of the challenge that the structure presents in terms of power and construction. On top of the above, Dalekovod also concluded the contracts to connect the shopping mall to 110 kV, construct and install a 110/20 kV substation, develop executive projects and project documents for a new 110/20 kV substation within the mall, as well as to reconstruct the existing 2x110 kV CPH Botinec/Sopot transmission line with cable connection to the future Supernova substation, with a total amount of 7.4 million EUR.


It is located in the area of Buzinski Krči - Ranžirni railway station - South, delimited by an extension of Avenija Većeslava Holjevca and Ulica „1“ from the south, railway and Ulica „2“ from the north, Avenija Republike Njemačke and Ulica „11“ from the east, and a traffic node zone from the west.

Project characteristics:

  • storey configuration: basement+ground floor+2 storeys, basement+ground floor+3 storeys (shopping mall) and basement+ground floor+8 storeys (commercial building adjacent to the shopping mall - carried out in stage two)
  • parking of vehicles is possible in an indoor underground garage (1699 parking spaces), outdoor car park on the ground level (594 parking spaces), and outdoor car park on the 2nd storey level - roof of the building (695 parking spaces + 279 on a prefabricated steel structure)
  • it is possible to divide space functions and arrangements in several areas:
  1. indoor underground garage (storey -1)
  2. Mall area (ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor)
  3. public area – entertainment and recreation - cinemas (6 movie theatres), casino, bowling alley, catering premises, children's play area, etc. (2nd floor)
  4. technical areas
  5. warehousing area
  6. tower (business premises in the elevated part of the building)
lot size:       100.278,87 m2
gross floor area indoor:    188.987,44 m2
  outdoor: 72.967,45 m2
  total: 261.954,89 m2
Surface areas by purpose:
shopping areas: 70.506,00 m2
catering services: 5.482,44 m2
offices: 6.267,26 m2
cinema/bowling alley/casino: 8.725,29 m2
technical area: 23.463,76 m2
service: 21.667,93 m2
vertical transport: 6.612,29 m2
parking 119.229,92 m2
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