New contracts awarded in Montenegro

Dalekovod d.d. has been awarded new contracts in Montenegro at an International Invitation to Bid.
1. Extension of S/S 220/110/35 kV Mojkovac with a connection to TL 220 kV Podgorica-Pljevlja2, and extension of S/S 110/35 kV Andrijevci with a connection to TL 110 kV Trebješica; a decision was reached on selection of the most favorable Bidder after performed International Invitation

to Bid in competition with SIEMENS Belgrade and Energoprojekt Belgrade, contract valued at EURO 1.650.000,00, Investor EPCG; deadline for performance of works by the end of 2009;

2. Construction of a new S/S 110/20 kV Kotor (design and delivery of GIS (Gas Insulated System) facilities, civil engineering and electrical fitting works, testing and commissioning); investor EPCG; financing by loan of EIB; DALEKOVOD in consortium with ABB Zagreb has been selected as the most favorable Bidder in competition with SIEMENS Austria, AREVA Belgrade, Energoinvest Sarajevo, Končar Zagreb; contract valued at EURO 2.225.218,00; ABB shall deliver the equipment, while Dalekovod shall design, construct, test and commission the project. Deadline for completion of works is by the end of 2009.

"Newly awarded contracts in Montenegro are continuation of a successful competition in that county. Dalekovod has proven again as a reliable and prestigious partner", said Luka Miličić, President of Management Board of Dalekovod d.d.

Dalekovod d.d. shall be engaged on the territory of Montenegro in construction of 400 kV Tirana-Podgorica transmission line, completion of which is expected by the end of the year.

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