New Projects in Norway and Sweden


In its letter of notification, Norwegian Statnett, a renowned electric power transmission company, informed that, after the evaluation process, the offer made by the company Dalekovod d.d. was chosen as the best one according to the criteria of the tender for the construction of a 67-kilometre long, 420kV transmission line Lyse–Fagrafjell.
The project also includes disassembling of the existing 53-kilometre long 300kV and 123kV lines, and passes across two fjords, Lysefjorden and Hogsfjorden, which is a new opportunity to prove the expertise of the company in demanding terrains. The value of works is more than 44 million €, and the agreement will be signed after the confirmation of the final investment decision by the company Statnett.
At the same time, a new agreement was signed with the company Ellevio AB, the owner of the distribution network in Sweden. This agreement for the construction of a 145kV line Forshult–Bosjön–Kalhyttan, worth more than 5.5 million €, is the continuation of the cooperation with the investor that began at the end of 2018, on the reconstruction of a 72.5kV network. The construction of a new 44-kilometre long 145kV line in place of the existing one, between the cities of Rad and Filipstad, will strengthen the energy network in the area.
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