Occupational Safety

Pursuant to the Occupational Safety Act (Official Gazette no. 59/96, 94/96, 114/03 and 100/04) and the Regulation on Testing the Working Environment Including Machinery and Devices with Increased Danger (Official Gazette 114/02, 131/02 and 126/03), the Dalekovod Laboratory states the following:

1. Testing and inspection of the working environment:

  • Testing the level and quality of sensitivity,
  • Measuring noise levels, octave analysis,
  • Measuring relative air humidity,
  • Measuring the velocity of air flow,
  • Measuring the air temperature in working surroundings,
  • Measuring the concentration of physical and chemical harmful effects.

2. Testing and inspection of machinery and devices:

  • Visual inspection – stability, access, position, correct command, contol and signalling devices, protective devices and electrical installations – protection against direct contact with electrified parts,
  • Testing the correct manner of protection against indirect contact.

3. Training employees:
Pursuant to Work Safety Act (Official Gazette no. 59/96, 94/96, 114/03 and 100/04), and the Fire Protection Act (58/93) and implemented regulations relating to the training of employees, our professional emplyoees on the basis of authorized relevant ministries state the following:

  • Training employees for work in a safe manner,
  • Training employees for implementation of preventive safety measures against fire, fire extinguishing and rescueing people and properties endangered by fire.

4. Other services:

  • Compilation of general acts – rules for work safety and fire protection,
  • Compilation of plans for organizing construction site and registering the site to the relevant inspection codes,
  • Compilation of instructions for specific work practices,
  • Internal audits in the area of health and safety,
  • Running prescribed records,
  • Activities relating to unjuries at work,
  • Possibility of offer a complete service for managing safety activities at work and fire protection on a contractual basis.
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