Successfully completed project on construction of 500 kV transmission line in the Republic of Kazakhstan

A trial commissioning of the 390 km long 500 kV Agadyr-YuKGRES transmission line, that has been constructed by the company Dalekovod d.d. for the Kazakhstan Investor (Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company) was carried out on 8 May 2009.

This section is an integral part of the 1,115 km long North-South transmission line that shall constitute a backbone of the power supply system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Together with its local sub-suppliers, Dalekovod has designed and delivered material and constructed the above project within less than a 26-months period.

The transmission line has been constructed by using 1,250 steel-lattice towers of average height of 35 meters, three phase bundle conductors of 332 mm2 cross-section, earth wire and OPGW. In Agadyr and YuKGRES substations telecommunication equipment has been installed. Due to the great length of the transmission line somewhere in the middle of the route a station for regeneration of optical signs has been constructed.

The entire installed suspension and jointing accessories for conductors, earth wire and OPGW are manufactured by Dalekovod.

During construction of the above transmission line approximately 8,730 cubic meters of reinforced concrete foundations, 11,810 tons of metal structures, 3,600 km of conductors, 4,266 insulator strings, 32,300 elastic yokes, 85 optical joints and 390 km of earth wire and OPGW have been delivered and installed.

Works have been carried out under almost extreme weather conditions. It means that during the five winter months in the area through which the transmission line passes temperature was constantly below zero and often it even dropped below -40°C and was accompanied by a high snow cover and often a very strong wind.

The transmission line is for the most part far away from the settled towns and road infrastructure, which is why the delivery of material and organization of the site has been a real logistic venture.

After successful completion of such a demanding and significant project, new possibilities for contract awards open up to Dalekovod d.d. on the Kazakhstan market.

Dalekovod d.d.

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