The Dalekovod company within the composition of the plant in Velika Gorca offer casting services.

Foundary for non-ferrous metals offers capacities for gravitational casting of aluminium, copper and zinc (Al, Cu and Zn) and their alloys in kokile, as well as casting of such materials in natural sand for the production of dies from aluminium and copper alloys, structures and production of tools for gravitational casting and tools for dies and finishing (sand blasting and thermal treatment of mould and compression molud).

Available capacities of the ljevaonica amounts to 4.000 tones per annum, whereby the following are used:

  • induction furnace for melting metal,
  • electrically resistant furnace for metallurgical treatment of cast iron and casting,
  • device for ingot moulds-gravitational casting,
  • dies for casting into sand,
  • electrically resistant furnaces for thermal treatment and artifical aging of mould,
  • pressing for production of press moulds from non-ferrous alloys,
  • induction heater for heating meal pieces during pressing,
  • device for thermal treatment.
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