Dalekovod d.d. New Job in Ukraine

Dalekovod d.d. Zagreb has been given a new job on the construction of the 330 kV Dniester-Bar HVL overhead power line for the Ukrainian national power company UKRENERGO. The value of these works has been estimated at 14.5 million USD, and it comprises the delivery of equipment (steal-lattice towers, conductors, insulators, suspension and jointing materials) as well as the performance of complete works.

New project awarded in Greenland

After successful breakthrough into the Scandinavian market, company Dalekovod may, in these recession times, announce completion of negotiations and soon signing of an Agreement on Construction of 60 kV transmission line in Greenland.

TL 420 kV Sima-Samnanger construction works in Norway

After selection for the job of delivering lattice steel structures  for TL  420 kV Sima – Samnanger according to the special international tender Dalekovod is now in the process of negotiation  for the construction of the above transmission line.
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