Dalekovod returns to the Swedish Market


After six years, Dalekovod reenters the Swedish market. Investor Markbygden Net AB has announced that they are planning to sign contract with Dalekovod jsc for the construction of the new transmission line 130 kV, Markbygden phase 1, connection of the wind turbines to the Rabäcken transmission substation of a total length of 31 kilometres.
After the evaluation process, the offer of the company Dalekovod jsc was marked as the most favourable according to the tender criteria. The appeal period has expired and the contract is expected to be signed by mid-July.
This business contract worth over 7 million Euro is of great importance for Dalekovod because it means entering another Scandinavian market after Norway and Finland and opening up a whole range of new business opportunities. The tender was won in a tight race among companies that already have a strong position on this market.
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